“Fall Block Party” at Brookside Bodega in Raleigh. Yes, Please! ~by Kelly Lane

I’m new to the area and the weather was a whopping 84 degrees F, for likely the last weekend this season.  On Saturday, October 28th, I looked up events happening in the triangle area and lots of pub crawls and night-time music or theater shows popped up.  Pub crawls are not an event that I participate in by myself and although I love a great music or theater show, I was looking to be out with the locals during the day-time hours.  Low and behold, the “Fall Block Party” at Brookside Bodega got my interest.

“2-6pm. There will be live music, vendors, games, trick-or-treating and more. The event is free, and no tickets are required. just show up!”     DONE.   I was hooked with that description.  After the short drive to 1000 Brookside Drive, Raleigh, I saw this little corner spot with nothing but houses surrounding it in all ways.  “Am I at the correct address?”  The satellite view of the bodega suggested that this was it. 

Just as I suspected, the party was set up in the ample parking lot they have and there were mannnyyyy vendor tents set up in the area, with pumpkin painting stations, the costume contest sign-up area, and one of the main events was right as I enter the parking lot:  the Gouge Wresting group was in the middle of their routine in the ring.  I mosied around the tents and looked at the local vendors.  I loooove local pottery, so I stopped at AK Pottery Studio’s tent and proceeded to ask lots of questions, then purchased a few pieces, which I am obsessed with.

Brookside Bodega is so giving and fair, that they invited a few food trucks to the event as well.  For those that haven’t stopped by the bodega yet (which included me), it is part “grocery” store, part wine bar, and part restaurant.  All in one building! I am very excited about this because I love a good all-in-one anything. 

Attendees were of all ages and there were pretty much only happy people there.  It was a fantastic afternoon with plenty of options to keep one busy, fed, tipsy if you drink the Crank Arm Brewing beers, and entertained by the live music and wresting ring.   It was just what I needed to feel the neighborhood and community vibe in the area.

I learned that Brookside Bodega also has live music on Tuesdays (and occasionally other days too) from 5-8pm. Check out a list of events HERE. There is also a trivia night and weekly food and drink specials with many other random fun-sounding little events, seen HERE.  So, from what I have witnessed on Saturday, the over-all vibe of this place along with the people attending the Fall Block Party, I think it is safe to say that I will be back and hopefully I will have some new people with me to discover this spot in a new way as well.    Cheers.

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