5 Tips to Feeling Connected in Your New Community

Welcome y’all! You’ve made the leap and moved to one of our beautiful NC cities! Whether you are renting or have already purchased a home, getting acclimated to your new community is the next step towards feeling settled and content. This is a process; it doesn’t happen overnight and can feel very overwhelming.  As a Raleigh local of over 20 years and Realtor, I love introducing people to my amazing city and all it has to offer.  Beyond finding the perfect home, I enjoy sharing my local perspective on the things that truly make the Raleigh area special.

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Now take a breath, give yourself some grace, and check out these 5 tips to feeling connected after a move…

  1. Chat with your neighbors

Moving away from friends and family can feel overwhelming, scary and isolating. If you are living in an area with neighbors, these people will be your first point of contact and are a wonderful resource for local recommendations.  Make a point to wave, say hello and take the lead on introducing yourself. Many neighborhoods have social committees, walking groups, and events to attend. Make a point to learn the names of your immediate neighbors and suggest grabbing coffee. You might be surprised how quickly you begin to develop relationships!

  1. Get outside and explore the area like a tourist

View a move like an adventure with lots of new places to explore! How exciting, right? This is especially helpful for moving with kids. Create a bucket list of local attractions, museums, parks and restaurants you want to visit. Really immerse yourself in your new town with an open mind. If you love to hike, make a list of all the trails in the area and try to visit one each weekend. Pet lover?  Visit a few local dog parks and spark up a conversation with other animal enthusiast. Passionate about art? Explore classes and exhibits through local art centers and museums. The options are endless.

  1. Think local, shop local, eat local

When you are out and about, take note of local businesses. The owners of these establishments are deeply rooted in the community. Make a point to tell them you are new to the area and ask for suggestions of things to do and other places to check out. This is where you will discover the real gems of the area (the best bbq spot, the secret trail that takes you to a waterfall, etc). Local business owners are passionate about their communities and enjoy sharing info and stories you will find helpful and fun. 

  1. Attend a community event & get connected 

There is nothing better than attending your first community event! Seeing a town come alive with people out and about at a festival or large market really brings out that sense of involvement and community.  Sign up to receive your town newsletter and follow social media to stay aware of all upcoming special events. Search for local clubs or meetups via services such as Nextdoor, Facebook Groups, or Meetup.  Local government or the chamber of commerce may have links on their websites to clubs, parks & rec classes, senior centers and volunteer opportunities.  

  1. Volunteer

A wonderful way to connect quickly is through volunteer work. Whether you are passionate about gardening or animals, there is literally something for everyone. And chances are, you will meet people with similar interests. Many towns also need volunteers for events & festivals and this is another wonderful way to jump in, meet people and connect to your new community. 

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